Creating emotional experiences that strengthen friendships.


Our team consists of engineers and product designers from Google, Amazon, BlackBerry, Microsoft and the University of Waterloo.

Ajay Puri

Founding Engineer

Hayden Tay

Marketing and Community Manager

Joe Rideout


Jon McGee


Madoka Hayashi

Lead Designer

Shane Creighton-Young

Software Engineering Intern


Kevin Luo

Software Engineering Intern

May - Aug 2013


We're fortunate to be backed by a wonderful group of investors including Peter Thiel's Valar Ventures, The Social+Capital Partnership, Graph Ventures, Real Ventures, Vince Monical, Russell Siegelman, David Stewart, Anand Agarawala, Daniel Debow, Christopher Michel, and several other strategic angels who have built and scaled successful businesses.


We believe that everyone should be able to have fun with their friends any time, wherever they are. We believe that sharing is not about posting something on a wall for hundreds of people to see, but rather about sending things to the people we care about most - a funny picture, an inside joke, something that creates an emotional reaction and a shared moment.

Our Story

Relay was founded in 2012, when two University of Waterloo graduates, Joe and Jon (J2) were hanging out in a Vegas hotel room with a group of their best friends, trying to make each other laugh with their favorite YouTube videos and GIFs. When the weekend was over, they didn’t want that feeling of friendship to end so they started thinking about how to recreate that same feeling in a mobile app.


We believe in the marriage of simple, beautiful product design with the most advanced engineering. On the frontend, we care deeply about the craftsmanship and optimization that goes into creating fast, elegant experiences that are so natural they go by unnoticed. On the backend we know that delivering the best content to users in real time is the result of heavy duty engineering - crawling, indexing, classification, data science, and real-time, event-driven, non-blocking IO.


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Relay is hand-crafted in Toronto, Canada.

King & University, Toronto
Relay Inc.
111 Richmond St West