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Relay helps you discover the newest and best visual entertainment from around the web with a beautiful and simple mobile app. Relay makes it super easy to find great GIFs, videos and images and send them (“relay” them) to your friends.

Send it to your friends

Share a laugh

How could you NOT love it?!

- Chillinz

Whether you find something hilarious, shocking or just plain awful, it’s better enjoyed with the people who know you best - your close friends. Relay makes it easy to spark a real-time chat around something you discover with just the people that you choose. Everyone in the chat can see what you’ve shared instantly and “react” with their own GIFs and other content.

A fresh app that makes real time messaging and content sharing fun!

- Alfred Lau

Hands down the best group chat app available on iOS.

- Lanceismaboy

Pretty much the best app to ever hit the internets.

- Kevrone

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